4 practical tips for Getting Over Disappointment

I will not tell you that overcoming a disappointment is something simple or easy because it is not like that. But also, We cannot say that it is impossible to face it because we would lie. It is a complex process but can be overcome.

Since disappointment is a mix between pure pain and a feeling of betrayal, I think you might be interested in a series of useful tips that will help you Getting Over Disappointment in those days when the sky seems a little less blue and the night black as ebony.

Never fall into total mistrust.

After suffering a disappointment, a new mistrust appears that seems to invade everything around you, be it people or projects. It is not strange that after a disappointment, which continues to be a betrayal by someone you love or a disappointment for something exciting that did not come, you fall into total mistrust.

It is perfectly normal to put a shell around our hearts and distrust everything to avoid being hurt again. In fact, it’s not a bad idea in the short term, when your pain is still fresh.

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However, there will come a time when you will have to lower your defenses. You cannot live distrusting everyone and everything always. It is a serious mistake that will make you miss a lot of the beauty that the world can bring you.

Keep mourning for a while and build your distrust. But there will come a day when you will have to gather your courage, lower your barriers and go back to living normally, without fear of everything around you and letting yourself be carried away by illusion, dreams, and good people.

“What loneliness is lonelier than mistrust?”

-George Eliot-

let the disappointment and Look for support

To overcome a disappointment, nothing like seeking support. We all have good friends, families, and people who trust us and are worthy of our affection and love.

In bad times, when you feel betrayed and heartbroken, it is best to find a friendly shoulder to cry on and deposit your sorrows. Let go of everything that has hurt you and not be afraid of showing yourself weak or helpless. A person who loves you will never use it against you.

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It is very nice to enjoy the people we love, and they love us in good times. But it is also beautiful and reassuring to know that there are people who will always be there, waiting to help us and reach out when we need something.

Do not forget that removing all the bad things from your soul, sharing your pain, and asking for help to overcome obstacles are not signs of weakness, quite the opposite. Also, two people exert more force than one.

“Distrust is a sign of weakness.”

-Indira Gandhi-

Keep the strictly necessary mourning

Once we have suffered a disappointment, it is logical that the foundations even of what we thought was most solid would shake because of pain, betrayal, and disappointment. But this situation shouldn’t last forever.

Believe it or not, within your heart is the strength and confidence to overcome all kinds of trauma. You just have to know how to search among your strengths and make the most of them to find the energy you need when it comes to getting ahead.

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Never think that a disappointment will last forever. Never tell yourself that you are a weak and dependent person unable to cope. If you do not find the strength that is in the depths of your soul, you have not searched well.

Never forget that mourning disappointment should not last forever. Have constant open-heart conversations with yourself until you know yourself well enough to know where the corners of your being are where you keep the courage and strength that allow you to look forward with energy and joy.

Faced with disappointment, do not lose your optimism and humor

In times of great pain, no one indeed wants to joke. But when it comes to dealing with disappointment, there is no better weapon than optimism and a sense of humor.

Never stop being a positive, optimistic and cheerful person. It may be difficult at first, but you must look for the good side of everything, because it is there, waiting for you to find it to make you happy.

By way of conclusion, I would like to tell you that although disappointment is a hard process, it is not insurmountable. With the necessary strength, attitude, tools, and positivity, there is nothing that lasts forever, no matter how painful.

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