How to avoid ridiculous arguments in the relationship

Good communication as a couple is essential to avoid absurd arguments. We must be able to talk about everything and not keep anything that could establish the relationship in the future.

In a relationship, arguments are normal, but what about all those that arise out of absurdity? Foolish arguments can destroy a relationship, so we have to learn to avoid them. Have you ever heard that we sometimes make a mountain out of a grain of sand? This is exactly what happens in a couple of discussions. The reason is often a lack of communication.

Both talking and listening are equally important in a healthy relationship. It is also important to make things clear -from respect-, learn to negotiate and be willing to reach a good understanding, even when some differences may prevail.

If we don’t make an effort to maintain good communication on a daily basis, absurd arguments will crop up every two by three, and, over time, we will find a bigger and bigger problem that will end up damaging the relationship. Are you interested in learning more about it? Then do not stop reading everything that we are going to tell you below.

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Avoid social media and prioritize face-to-face conversation

Social media can be a great way to stay in touch with your partner, but it can also cause serious conflict .

Misunderstandings, words that are said with one sense but received with another, jealousy, acceptances of friendship, all this can lead to absurd discussions that should be avoided.

It is better than with your partner; you try to speak orally, call them, and avoid messages that can lead to misunderstandings. In addition, any problem or question that may arise in relation to social networks should be communicated as soon as possible. The worst thing to do in a relationship is to keep things to yourself.

Talking will always be the way to the solution. Of course, do not do it by messages; do it face to face. It is how two people can best understand each other.

Beware of reproaches in absurd discussions

Many absurd discussions arise when the reproaches make an appearance. When this happens, there are several issues that have to be addressed.

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When we do not express our disagreement with something on the spot, this is not forgotten, although it can be overlooked. The problem is that it will arise at the least opportune moment; it will be there to be a participant in a discussion.

Do you know what would be a good way to avoid this? Scheduling talks about the relationship would allow you to tell them all that you have saved and that you have not found the time or the moment to express it.

Even if you are lazy, it is necessary to communicate everything that crosses your mind. It may be silly, but that nonsense can be the trigger for an absurd discussion.

The great problem of the couple today is that communication is not entirely sincere and open. Therefore, we continue to keep things to ourselves that we will reproach in the future. Let’s not do it. Let’s not be afraid to say what we think and feel.

Past issues are never brought up

This is something that has to do with the accusations and is continually are looking to the past, towards those situations or moments that hurt us.

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It is a harsh and cruel way of comparing the reality of now with that of a long time ago. Supposedly, that had already been solved; what is the point of bringing it up now?

We must learn to look more towards our feet with a view to walking towards a promising future instead of continuing to be anchored in the past that will prevent us from moving forward.

Many are the people who, by not overcoming the past, are not capable of living the present fully—fears, doubts, traumatic experiences … All that has to be solved right away.

As has always been said, it’s better late than never, so why not fix all those past issues now in the present? Do not allow your relationship to continue accumulating reproaches and unsolved situations.

A relationship must be cared for, pampered. For this, we have to eliminate reproaches from our lives, everything that hurt us one day, forgive and, above all, speak.

Talk to your partner face to face, without feeling self-conscious, without being afraid to say certain things. Being in a relationship means feeling free to communicate what you feel and what you think. This would avoid more of an absurd discussion.

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