The changes that disappointments produce

Sometimes the changes that disappointments produce can be irreversible. This fact may not be harmful, although it will always depend on the direction in which the transformation occurs within our hearts and minds.

But I must add that if the changes produced by disappointments are negative, they can be fatal to our being, which is not a good thing.

Disappointments that make you lose hope

Disappointments can make us lose all hope of a better life, a brighter future, or a happy and joyful present. And this will make us lose perspective.

Take, for example, a love failure. Heart-related disappointments are often really harsh. So much so that many people never manage to overcome them. Obviously, a love failure can cause so much pain in our hearts and souls that perhaps we already close in a band. We do not want to suffer another similar disappointment.

However, thinking and weighing all the good that love brings us and the bad that a breakup or depression supposes, is it worth closing up entirely for a relationship that has failed?

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If you ask me, I would say for sure not. Love has brought a lot of happiness to my life and some pain and disappointment. However, what I have lived and felt being in love more than makes up for a breakup’s disappointment.

So disappointments for love should be taken as a temporary failure, which will make you stronger, wiser, and more patient. Still, it would never have to turn you into a closed person to relive another similar adventure since it is a beautiful world. To which you will be turning your back.

Better is hope; because it produces patience, a potent weapon against early disappointment.”

-Miguel Ángel Retana Zamora-

Other harsh disappointments

Not only disappointments for love can produce irreversible negative changes in our minds and hearts. Betrayal can cause significant pain … Imagine that you have a good friend you trust blindly. You tell him everything and talk to him about any details. If you have problems, you say to him about them, and he always helps you out of the hole.

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Is there greater pain in the world than the betrayal of a good friend? It isn’t easy to find. However, we can add that the betrayal itself, whether by a loved one, family member, lover, or close person, is always harrowing.

But we must not let this allow us to fall into the abyss of constant insecurity and mistrust towards everyone. Otherwise, we will be miserable people. The human being needs to trust other people. You should feel safe surrounded by those who love you the most. He must have a refuge in close people who take care of him; otherwise, he falls into despotic, unpleasant, insecure, mean, and harmful attitudes.

We should never close the door to new people’s arrival into our lives. The fact that you have been betrayed should not work in you a total change of attitude because you will fall into a state of permanent sadness from which it is tough to escape.

“Sadness and melancholy I do not want them in my house.”

-Santa Teresa de Jesús-

The state of disappointments

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems that we live in an unsupportive society in which constant disappointments are a maxim, and it is difficult to find healthy and sincere people who really deserve our trust.

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However, a new trend more humanistic and closer to the human being’s goodness begins to take shape. It is becoming more and more powerful and notorious and is directly linked to the empowerment of all the good things men have.

Although it is not easy to see through the constant bad news and discouragement, a very competitive, aggressive, and ambitious society produces. But this new attitude of kindness and solidarity with people who have been disappointed is there, and it has come to stay.

This same project of The Mind is Wonderful is a clear example of all the good that human beings can give to others. Without asking for anything in return, for the simple fact of wanting to help.

So do not let your disappointments be the ones to mark the way forward because you will constantly miss the direction. Be yourself, make positive change and trust those who deserve it because even if they seem invisible, they are among us.

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