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How hard it is to say goodbye

How much does it cost to leave behind something that made us happy? How it costs to change companies or close stages. What harm it does sometimes to know that we have to participate in a farewell with no return. How much it hurts to part with something you like, from something that you know you should not continue to have, but how difficult it is to say goodbye.

It is necessary, I know, sometimes you have to close stages. You have to change jobs; friendships are lost, the house becomes too small for so many, the children occupy the time, the youth greets you from memory… it costs, and sometimes it costs a lot, but it is part of the cycle. We close, we say goodbye, and we open and we say hello to the new.

We add chapters to the experience, but we need separate points. We need blank pages to continue writing; the same chapter needs an end, it needs a closing, but it will have its continuity, its traces will be on the next page. It will make sense when we know why we closed and why we need to. It will make sense when we give it to you.

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It is not easy to know how to say goodbye, but it is good to know that sometimes it is necessary to do so, that after the duel, we will be prepared for whatever comes. Sometimes the pain of what is lost is healthier than the pain of continuing to carry something that we already have leftover.

The emptiness that remains after saying goodbye

It is difficult to explain, but surely it is understood because we have all experienced it to some extent. Some farewells are for the brave, those that leave an emptiness that later will cost us to fill or that we will no longer fill. It is difficult to face the unknown; it is difficult to leave our safe zone, it is difficult to finish because it is difficult to know that we have to start.

Yes, there is an emptiness, yes, because the pain of loss is a pain, and by covering it, we only make it feed to come out with more force later. You have to learn to say goodbye; you have to learn to tolerate this emptiness; you have to know that it is necessary to close, that it may hurt now, but that tomorrow it will not.

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The magic of saying goodbye is rarely seen the moment we do it; the magic is in everything that comes after, in the whole world of possibilities that opens up to us when we start something new, in everything that awaits us when we heal the wounds. The magic of goodbye is that it usually carries a later greeting by the hand.

If we learn to know how to carry this emptiness, if we do not make it bigger than it should be, if we give it the space it needs, if we allow ourselves to cry in case we need it and take time to heal, we will be prepared for what comes on. It’s hard to say goodbye, but we learn to heal and take care of ourselves by doing so. Learning to say goodbye is growing.

You need to say goodbye to move on

We need to say goodbye to continue walking; we need to close stages and open new ones. It is necessary to face goodbyes because we also have to risk the news. Rarely does the world stop, and we are part of that world. The fear, our faithful traveling companion in life, clings to the known fear of the unknown, but we know it is the strength to overcome it.

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If we look back, we will realize how lives change; Not even we, with all that knowledge that we treasure, could have exactly delimited our current location a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, a few months, or a few years ago. We have arrived at the place we occupy thanks to our decisions, and among them, thanks to our decisions to say goodbye.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but you have to learn how to do it. It isn’t easy to close stages and visualize what is new, that hello, which carries goodbye by the hand. It’s not easy, but it also carries a good thing for sure. It’s hard to say goodbye, but the magic of the new is also something surprising for which many goodbyes are worth it.

“They said goodbye, and in the goodbye, there was already the welcome”

-Mario Benedetti-

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