6 tips to have a better sex life

To enjoy a better sex life there are some tips that can help improve it.

Sex, a subject that is sometimes difficult to talk about. Sometimes there are more lies than truths that revolve around this issue, and the shame of social criticism fuels that. Here we will discover some tips for better sex life.

What happens in privacy should stay there out of consideration for that other person. A positive sexual life passes, to a large extent, through discretion and enjoyment from respect for the rights and desires of the sexual partner.

5 tips to have a better sex life

1. Enjoy the benefits of food

Food is very important . A diet that contains certain aphrodisiac foods could help us improve our sex life.

For its part, the sweet and fatty nature of chocolate stimulates the hypothalamus, which induces pleasant sensations and affects serotonin levels in the brain, therefore improving sexual desire. This is confirmed by research such as the one published in 2016 by the South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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Another food known as an aphrodisiac is garlic. So much so that research like that published in 2009 by the  Journal of Ethnopharmacology supports it: garlic extract may have aphrodisiac properties. Recommendation: brush your teeth after consuming them. It is considered a refreshing food, as it contains high loads of vitamins B and C, so it can be eaten daily in low doses.

Oysters also make their contribution as an aphrodisiac. As for seafood, this is one of the most famous if it is linked to the sexual theme. This is confirmed by an investigation published in 2013 by the World Applied Sciences Journal.

2. Take advantage of romance and its advantages

When it is not a casual encounter, sex between couples can take on a routine tone that falls into the repetitive and even boring; however, foreplay becomes more important if symptoms start to appear than usual.

Here, romance is separated from sex and although they are related they are not always linked.

The advisable thing, in this case, is to pay more attention and add details about what the other person likes, increasing pleasure, which results in better sexual dynamics. Getting more and more involved with the other strengthens the connection that exists between the two of you.

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3. Enjoy without worrying about time

One of the main issues that irritate the couple is the act’s duration. However, the reasons for worry are only in your head. The Medical Daily portal reviewed a study that showed that it is something purely relative.

According to a survey by Penn State Erie University, the research showed an average of just under six minutes in the act falls within the times considered appropriate.

4. Be surprised!

Going off-script doesn’t have to be bad for better sex life. Sometimes you can enjoy the act much more if you improvise a few things. Playing with roles, allowing yourself to wear costumes, this -as part of very intimate pleasures- increases the relationship’s enjoyment.

Over time, as when it comes to an experiment, trial and error take their toll. This can allow adding details that were not part of the routine before, adding alternatives, and expanding the couple’s range of options.

Opening the mind to new positions generates greater satisfaction among those involved. Use your imagination and invite your partner to have sex not only in the room, use those forbidden places that are now living together allows you to make this a game that both of you will enjoy.

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5. Take care of the details of the end

There are rules about the end of the sexual encounter. There are situations in which people close the doors after having sex.

There are many common mistakes that it may be best to avoid making to have a better sex life, such as thanking after reaching orgasm, as this is not a service they are providing you.

Another is to compare with past couples openly. It is an uncomfortable situation that is only debated internally. Don’t disrespect the person who was with you in bed.

6. Exercise for a better sex life

Sex helps you burn about 85 calories or 3.6 kcal per minute. This is confirmed by an investigation published in the magazine Plos One in 2013.

A study presented by the New Medical Journal Magazine revealed these numbers, ending that old and popular myth that pointed to about 300 calories. Note that these figures are not encouraging, but it helps to clarify certain points on the subject. Please do not leave the gym because this activity does not replace your routines, as well as having it will not make you a fitness person.

A better sex life is possible

In short, you can improve your sex life by making small changes in your lifestyle and being consistent with this commitment to change. However, on certain occasions, sexual problems arise from physical and emotional conditions that must be treated with the appropriate specialist.



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