Sex is not natural, it is cultural

How many times have we differentiated between what is “natural sex” and “unnatural sex”? Definitions that arose due to the prejudices that have haunted us for years. At a time somewhat distant from today, relationships were considered to have a reproductive purpose. But, later, it was defended that it was natural for humans to have sex for mere pleasure.

However, the naturalness of sex is not as we perceive it. We believe that this means freedom when it is not so much in reality. Do you think you are free when you have sex? Do you think you have no limits? Nothing is further from reality. In sex, culture influences more than we think.

Sex is influenced by culture more than we really think

Sex is not natural, it is normal

When we refer to sex as something natural, in reality, we are referring to it not being viewed strangely but as a totally normal, valid, and acceptable action. That is, we understand it as “naturalness.” However, the word “natural” refers to nature. This is what Valérie Tasso, writer and sexologist, said in one of the many conferences in which she has participated.

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Sex is natural in animals. Any culture does not influence them; they are not born and are educated following certain beliefs. On the other hand, human beings do. Our conception of relationships with other people, our vision of the world would not be the same if we were born in another country. Thus, it is important to highlight some points that Valérie Tasso highlighted about this vision of sex, and that is most interesting:

  • Sex is a value for us, so it does not make us more animals, but more human: think about how much one reflects on whether or not one is ready to have “his first time.” We have values in our heads that condition us.
  • Morality is not universal because if it were, we would all maintain the same sexual practices: Japanese, Arabs, Americans … Everyone is different with respect to sex because customs and norms are not the same in one place as in the other.

“Sex is natural in octopuses”

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-Valérie Tasso-

On the contrary, we are the people who consider that sex makes us more animals. Therefore, prejudices arise, people who are repressed and who worry about what is right and what is wrong, what is right and wrong, what is “natural” or not. Who is determining this? Without a doubt, the culture itself.

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