What is Google Classroom, and what is this tool for?

In this note we tell you all the details of this important online service that is part of the Google family.

Distance education in schools and universities is, since the new coronavirus pandemic was declared, the most important challenge for teachers and students. Until a while ago, organizing a class and developing it virtually was something unthinkable, but today, with technological advances, that is already possible.

One of the most used applications to develop online educational lessons is Google Classroom. The platform, officially launched by Google in 2014, has become a fundamental pillar for teachers and students to develop academic work without the need to be physically in the classroom.

Although face-to-face education entails greater advantages, especially due to the possibility of interacting directly in the teaching of classes, the use of digital tools such as Google Classroom is essential in times of confinement, even more so when returning to the classroom seems to be a distant option until the coronavirus pandemic is over.

What is Google Classroom and what is it for?

It was officially launched in 2014; it is a Google web service for educational purposes. Google Classroom allows you to streamline tasks and boost collaboration and communication between students and teachers.

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Through this tool, teachers can create virtual classrooms to set up their classes, leave homework, and comment on the lessons. All this in a single place where the information that is of interest to those involved in the teaching process will be stored. The service also allows the use of multimedia elements such as audio, photos, and videos.

As if that were not enough, Classroom is compatible with other Google tools such as Docs and Drive.

Who can use Google Classroom?

In principle, it is necessary to indicate that this service is free. Classroom can be accessed by schools, non-profit organizations, and anyone with a Google account.

On what devices and browsers does it work?

The tool can be accessed through different Internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

It is also available for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.

What can teachers and students do in Google Classroom?

  • As we indicated in previous paragraphs, Classroom allows teachers to set up and manage classes, assignments, and notes. In addition, they can comment and rate jobs in real-time.
  • Students, for their part, can keep track of classwork and material, submit assignments, receive comments and notes on their work.
  • The platform also allows them to share academic resources and interact, either through advertisements or via email.

What are the benefits of Google Classroom?

  • Teachers can set up a class and invite students and other teachers to set up is easy to set up.
  • It also allows you to save time and paper since the classes’ information (content, tasks) is kept in one place.
  • Students can view assignments on the Work page, on the bulletin board, or on the class calendar. All class materials are automatically archived in Google Drive folders.
  • The tool makes available an improved communication and feedback system so that teachers can create assignments and send notifications, as well as start discussions immediately.
  • Students can share resources and interact with each other.
  • Google Classroom is primarily safe for all its users.

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