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How to Draw Anime or Manga Faces

Anime is the term that refers to Japanese animation. Traditionally, anime is drawn by hand, and digital processes were only limited to editing and editing tasks. However, at present, other tasks such as visual effects or coloring are carried out from digital applications that facilitate the draftsman’s task.

The anime covers topics as diverse as love, adventure, science fiction, children’s stories, literature, terror, fantasy, and many others. Anime is transmitted through television and the internet or in movies; it is advisable not to confuse the term anime with the term manga.

Manga is the Japanese word for comics in general. Sometimes the terms are confused because outside of Japan, manga is used both to refer to comics of Japanese origin and to style. Drawing used in these.

The relationship between Japanese anime and manga is close. Historically, many anime series and works are based on popular manga stories, as is the case with Dragon Ball, current these days. It has started its broadcast again on the Boing television channel. In addition, it is also closely related to visual novels, which are adventure video games with anime characters.

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A particular style of drawing characterizes the anime; its characters have large, oval eyes, with very defined lines, bright colors, and reduced movement of the lips. Although it is Japanese animation, they usually wear Western clothes and shoes and the appearance, especially the haircut, is also very Western.

Here are some tips for drawing an anime.

Draw the sketch of the face

The first step is to draw a sketch, which will signify the base, the essay on which the general lines will go later, and the rest of the drawing.

We start with a circle, then we draw a line in the center, from top to bottom, and that passes the circle approximately a third of what the circle measures, although depending on the anime in question, it will have a greater or lesser length.

Two lines are then drawn to form the chin. They start from the line that we had drawn previously; in this case, the measurement is not important, as it varies with the drawing, but the angle is important. The length of the lines, which are horizontal, must not exceed that of the circle.

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To finish the chin, we draw two other lines that meet the circle. They have to have some inclination, not be totally straight. Subsequently, all these lines are smoothed; this task is only the sketch.

We continue at this point with the eye and ear guides. The bottom guide has to go along with the chin lines’ union, and the top line has to go through where the circle meets the lines that we draw for the chin.

Like everything in this life, it is a matter of practice; the first time a sketch of this type is drawn, the result will be little achieved. That is why it is essential to repeat it constantly, make circles and lines whenever possible, release your hand well and become an expert draftsman.

Draw the face

After having the sketch of the face, which is the skeleton, is when you have to start drawing all the elements and details of the face. We start with curved lines at the top, where the eyes are located. Depending on the type of eyes, these lines will be more or less large, but we must bear in mind that the eyes are very expressive in anime.

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There must be enough space under the eyes to place the rest of the face’s elements. For large, oval eyes, the distance between eyes corresponds to another eye’s size. In the case of drawing small and elongated eyes, the distance between the eyes is reduced to about half the eye so that they can be seen well.

The eyes are drawn from the inside out and always centered. To achieve this, the measurement between both eyes must be the same as between the ends of the drawing and the eyes themselves. The eyebrows are also an important part. They have to start a little before where the eye begins and end at the same point or a little later.

In the main sketch, the head’s width should not exceed the height, and the height of the hair should be aligned with the circle. The hair’s width is free; it is what gives it movement.

Draw the eyes

The eyes are one of the most important elements in an anime drawing. From the simplest to the most complicated, all eyes start with the arch, which starts out thin from the inside and grows thicker towards the ends.

The iris is represented by a circle or ellipse so that the eye can see better; we include an opening in the iris that gives it brightness. Behind the iris, the pupil, in the center, and taking care not to exceed the brightness.

Next, we draw curved lines from one end of the iris to the other, passing through the pupil with the idea that the pupil separates the upper part and the lower part. Nothing should go over the highlights.

With the eyelashes, we proceed in the opposite way to how we did with the arch; they start thick and end thin. The upper lashes should be larger than the lower ones. In the case of not wanting to include tabs, it is also possible; thus, the drawing is simplified.

Lastly, the eyebrows. Together with the mouth, they are the element that brings expression to the drawing. They should always start before the eye unless the expression you want to create is that of anger or sadness.

The eyebrow should start thick and end thin in women, and conversely if the drawing is a man. There are, however, anime drawings of men with eyebrows in the same style as women’s eyebrows, but for this type of composition, some experience is needed to make the whole look masculine.

Nose and mouth

To draw the nose and mouth, three basic shapes must be followed: a wedge for the nose, a long thin line for the mouth, and a shorter line for the inner lip. The size of each item will depend on the character. The factions must be aligned; to facilitate this task, you can draw vertical lines that work as guides.

In the lips’ case, the upper one curves inward, and the lower one curves outward and recedes slightly on the face. If you don’t have a little practice, it can give the impression that the character makes funny faces or puckers his lips. The chin is not a straight line but is round and curves outward. It is painted from the bottom up.

Anime mouths are generally not very large; the eyes regain more importance. Except when the character appears screaming, which then we must bet on a larger mouth, on other occasions, the mouth has a reduced size.

In the nose’s case, it can vary greatly depending on the type of anime. The most comfortable way is to draw them in the shape of a wedge, but on other occasions, they are defined simply by shading or, on the contrary, very detailed noses to see even the nostrils. Female characters tend to have smaller or less defined noses; the male ones, larger and more angular. It is important in any case not to make the noses very pointed or the faces very flat.

Facial expressions

Although we have already commented on some details, we show you a simple guide to show facial expressions. A serious face is simple since simple eyes, a small mouth, and eyebrows with a normal arch are enough.

Playfulness is shown by a subtly smiling mouth and more arched eyebrows. For sadness, the eyes must appear watery; therefore, with a lot of brightness in them, the eyebrows must be drawn with a small upward wrinkle that falls normally.

To show an angry or angry face is achieved with the eyebrows, which reach very high and do not have to be the same two.

To draw a face with fear or despair, you have to draw downward slanting eyebrows, a few drops of sweat to express your nerves, and a mouth with clenched teeth, which gives a feeling of insecurity.

Finally, if we want to show a thoughtful or thoughtful face, eyebrows are essential. A good way to do this is by raising one eyebrow and not the other. The mouth can also express different types of thoughts: a happy mouth symbolizes happy thoughts, an angry mouth expresses problems.

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