10 best tips for traveling with little luggage

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Do you have to pack your suitcase to travel and don’t know where or how to start? If you are one of the people who think that you will need the complete wardrobe, then read these tips for traveling light.

The day of the holidays is getting closer and closer, and the time has come to get busy packing your bags. Many of us want to travel with little luggage. Still, eventually, we end up carrying more than one bag because we think we will need everything we have packed.

Once at our destination, we realize that we will only use half of what we carry. In this sense, traveling with a light suitcase does not mean that we will have to give up dressing in style or be scarce of clothes and footwear.

With the proposals that we will present below, you can wear your favorite clothes without representing excess weight.

Benefits of traveling with little luggage

There are many advantages of traveling with little luggage. The ideal is to do it with a single suitcase that we can carry as a carry-on in the plane’s cabin.

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The same applies to traveling by car, train or bus, the smaller the suitcase, the less inconvenience we will have. Apart from the extra weight that we will have to carry, it is safer, faster and cheaper.

It is much easier to handle a single suitcase than a suitcase and a handbag. In other words, we will only have to deal with one package, and the chances of losing it or having it stolen are meager.

Likewise, we move faster and avoid waiting in the boarding lanes and on the airport strip . By taking the suitcase with us, we do not run the risk that the suitcase ends up in another destination due to an airline error.

Finally, it is cheaper because we will not have to pay any surcharge, especially in low-cost companies. Each has its own restrictions. In LATAM, for example, personal luggage must not exceed 45 centimeters in height.

Tips for traveling with little luggage

Now, here we compile 10 tips that will help you to travel with little luggage. It is possible and we will show you.

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1. Carry a single suitcase

As we mentioned before, a single suitcase can save us a lot of headaches. Regardless of the duration or the type of trip, we assure you that you can live very well with what fits in a bag.

2. Choose the right suitcase for the traveling

The type of suitcase is not a minor detail. Whether it’s a backpack or a suitcase on wheels, it’s important to consider either one’s weight. Remember that it will accompany us for several days, so it should be easy to move.

Many people assume that the backpack is reserved for adventurous backpackers and a suitcase on wheels for more conventional tourists. In reality, this division is a myth since the model will depend on the trip we make.

If we know that we will walk a lot and move from one destination to other several times, the backpack is the one. On the other hand, if we stay in the same place, a suitcase on wheels could be a good alternative.

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3. Make a list

Although it may sound old-fashioned, making a list of what to take on a trip is an excellent idea. You can assemble it several days before to add the elements that you remember.

In any case, it should not be fixed but flexible to vary according to what you see that you will need and what you think you will not use.

4. Assemble the suitcase in advance and conscientiously

We suggest that you pack your suitcase the day before the trip so that you can do it calmly and with time. Here we recommend that you place the items you want to pack on the bed with the list in hand.

Once you are done, you will have an overview of everything you have planned to carry. Most of the time, we realize that we have included extra things that are not really necessary.

5. Be realistic

If your chosen destination is a Caribbean beach, it doesn’t make much sense to bring your warmest coat and winter clothes just in case. Yes, you should include a light jacket, but not much more of that. Remember that each garment you add is grams more.

6. Pack smart

Practically storing clothes and shoes means that you will optimize the space of your suitcase to the maximum and without wasting an inch. For example, roll your clothes instead of folding them, so it will be easier to see and take up less space.

Inside the shoes, you can store the stockings and the underwear’s internal pockets of the bag. Opt for clothes that can be combined with each other to have several options. Don’t forget to include a laundry bag to store dirty clothes.

In case you have to travel to destinations with hot and cold temperatures, you could add a vacuum bag to place the winter clothes that you will no longer use during the rest of the trip.

7. Choose few personal hygiene items

We don’t need to take facial or body treatments that require many products on a trip. If we don’t use them for a few days, nothing will happen to us.

In this sense, we pack what is just and necessary: soap, deodorant, perfume, oral hygiene and creams that we need.

It is important to check in advance if the accommodation we have chosen includes these types of elements so as not to take them. We also recommend that you pack the products in small containers of up to 100 cubic centimeters to upload them to the plane’s cabin.

Another excellent alternative is bar soaps and shampoos, as they last longer, do not spill, and do not take up as much space.

8. Wearing the heaviest garments

One of the most important suggestions is to wear the heaviest clothing and footwear that occupies the most space. This way we will be saving space and lightening the weight of the suitcase.

9. Leave a free space in the suitcase

If it is not too much to ask, it would be ideal to leave an unoccupied space in the luggage to store the memories and presents we will bring on our return.


10. Weigh the suitcase

Once we’ve finished packing, let’s do a visual review of what we’ve saved to verify that we didn’t forget anything. Finally, weigh the suitcase to check that it does not exceed the limits set by the airlines.

Traveling with little luggage is not an impossible task

We know that assembling luggage is a very personal activity that will depend not only on the destination and reasons for the trip but also on each one’s tastes. However, the first step to traveling light would be to choose a small suitcase or backpack so that we limit ourselves beforehand. 

The golden rule for traveling light is to pack clothes and shoes for a week. Yes, regardless of whether you travel for a month. It only takes a week. Everywhere in the world, there are laundries and, if you can’t, you wash some clothes by hand.

Wearing the right and necessary clothing will relieve us of the weight we have to carry and avoid back pain. After all, there is always the chance to buy what we have forgotten.





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