5 strategies to promote healthy habits in teenagers

The practice of healthy habits during teenagers is key to facing this stage’s physical and emotional changes. What to keep in mind? In this space, we detail it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines teenagers as the stage that a person lives between 10 and 19 years of age. In this, bodily and psychological transformations occur that condition one’s perception of oneself. In turn, the construction of identity is at its peak, so it is appropriate to start promoting healthy habits in adolescents. How to do it?

Adolescents often face the following dilemma: “I’m not a child, but I’m not an adult; what things can I do?” Without a doubt, it is a question with many possible answers. Therefore, as parents, it is convenient to be attentive to be able to provide them with the necessary tools so that they can feel good. In the next space, we will see some recommendations.

Tips for Parents with Teenagers

Teenagers, according to age, are divided into three stages: early, middle and late. In each, growth is a key factor to care. Therefore, it is necessary to create healthy routines to achieve good development. What aspects should be taken into account?

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Attend to the personality that they are configuring

Each moment in teenagers has emotional characteristics that will be reflected in the personality. As parents, it is essential to be attentive to this, as this way, the children’s preferences can be channeled towards activities that are to their liking and that promote their well-being.

Plan feeding

A key factor for all teenagers’ stages is, without a doubt, diet. A good diet is crucial both for your growth and for your physical and mental health. For this reason, it is necessary to plan your meals in advance and, if possible, go to an orientation with a nutritionist.

Promote recreational activities

Together, recreation and sports are as important a complement to health as food. Sharing fun activities with adolescents will help strengthen emotional ties. Also, making them a habit will promote the future appreciation of positive family memories.  

What healthy habits can be promoted in adolescents?

Due to adolescents’ behaviors, it doesn’t seem easy to encourage healthy habits. However, some strategies help facilitate this process. In the next space, we detail some. Put them into practice!

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1. Food

The nutritional contribution of what adolescents consume is a subject of permanent review. Few people are used to consuming fruits and vegetables daily, which are vital for strengthening the immune system. If you have children at this stage, the following recommendations are useful:

  • Once you know what her favorite fruits are, keep as many as possible around the house and try to always keep them insight. In this way, when it is time for the snack, they will always be at hand. The fruits are good allies because they can satisfy a quick sweet need.
  • Make sure he never skips breakfast. This first meal of the day is key to obtaining energy and nutrients. As long as quality food is chosen, it can be very good for your health. However, adolescents often overlook it and choose to replace it with unhealthy foods.
  • Other good supplements for its nutrition are foods such as nuts and seeds. Being easy to store, they can take them with them to their daily activities to consume them at any time.
  • Promote the consumption of water and healthy drinks. To do this, a good idea is to always have a bottle of water on hand. In turn, it is necessary to ensure that they do not consume too many sugary drinks or soft drinks. The latter, in particular, can cause serious health consequences.

2. Emotional stability

Changes in teenagers’ bodies can cause insecurities that often manifest themselves with pictures of stress, anxiety, or mood swings. In order to avoid these emotional states, ideally, you can include them in activities and conversations that allow them to develop their confidence. It is also convenient to let them enjoy leisure time with their friends.

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3. Sport and physical activity

Currently, there are many alternatives to do sports. Getting one that suits your tastes will not be difficult. This is one of the main habits that you can promote in teenagers since in the medium and long term; it is a determining factor in taking care of their health.

Some simple activities are as follows:

  • Walk or jog.
  • Sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.).
  • Exercise routines at home.
  • Bike rides.
  • Gyms

4. Social life

Adolescents, living with other young people, put into practice many of the values ​​and customs they learn at home as they begin making their own decisions. Therefore,  the possibility of interaction with their friends and, in general, their social life must be guaranteed. This, to a large extent, helps them learn to be independent of their parents.

5. Get adequate rest

The rest is another factor that can not be ignored in adolescents. Doing it properly will help your mind be optimal to process the activities related to your knowledge development.

Therefore, it is good to provide them with their own comfortable space at home where they can sleep, take naps, and practice activities that require concentration and silence.

Promoting healthy habits in adolescents is the responsibility of parents

Parents are responsible for promoting healthy habits in adolescents; For this, nothing better than the example. Therefore, it is important for the whole family to be physically active, eat well, and engage in activities that contribute to physical and mental well-being.

It is important to provide the necessary spaces and conditions so that young people can have a healthy lifestyle. Also, it should not be forgotten that support and accompaniment at this stage are essential.



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