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Marvel’s Iron Fist story

Marvel’s Iron Fist

Marvel’s Iron Fist series is an action and science fiction series about an American superhero, produced by the Marvel Cinematic Company, and it is based on one of the Marvel Comics stories of the same name. Most of the Iron Fist series scenes were filmed in New York City. Twenty episodes spread over two seasons, and the first season was shown for the first time on March 17, 2017, when it received many negative criticisms despite the great reception. It was renewed for a second season in July 2017 and was shown on September 7, 2018. The story of the Iron Fist series was nominated for many awards from Among them is a Saturn Award 44, and he received positive reviews from the IMDb platform, with Marvel’s Iron Fist’s story rating 6.6 out of 10.

Marvel’s Iron Fist story

The story of Marvel’s Iron Fist series revolves around the young Danny Rand, and the story begins with his appearance after he disappeared for a period of time due to the death of his parents. A mysterious refusal and they did not acknowledge his true identity as the owner of a part of the company, and then Danny goes out in a state of despair and meets one of the women named Cullen, the owner of Judy Sports Club, where he asks her to work in the club, but again she is met with rejection.

After a period of sadness and despair, he returns to the company to claim his right. Still, this time he is attacked by the mercenaries whom Ward sent to get rid of him. Still, his supernatural strength appears and overcomes them, then Coleen sees him and discovers that he is an extraordinary person and asks him to work for her and stay in the club; then Danny discovers that Howard is still alive but is in hiding for something mysterious and undisclosed.


Danny tries to convince Joy, who is taking him with a trick to the mental hospital, and Colleen intervenes and works to reveal Danny’s true identity in the hospital. Yet, Ward works to keep Danny in the hospital. In the meantime, Howard was watching the hospital and discovering Danny’s superhuman strength, which is represented by Marvel’s Iron Fist, and trying Harrod take advantage of Danny’s strength and takes him from the hospital to a safe place, as the main enemy of Iron Fist Danny is the Hand, which controls Harrod. Harrod tries to get rid of the Hand through the iron fist, and the story of Marvel’s Iron Fist series, which is full of fantasy and violent scenes, continues with interesting events. And fun.

Marvel’s Iron Fist heroes

Producer John Dahl, the producer of the Marvel’s Iron Fist series, tried to choose a distinguished and professional cast, due to the difficult roles, as he chose an elite group of actors and professionals in Hollywood, including:

  • Finn Jones: He played the role of Danny Marvel’s Iron Fist, an English actor, born on March 24, 1988, AD, and trained at Al Noon Education School in London for three years. He has many distinguished roles. In 2015, he helped Oxfam in collecting donations for refugees.
  • Jessica Henwick: The role of Coleen, an English actress born on August 30, 1992AD, is the first actress from East Asia to participate and play the main role in a British television series. She trained and studied at the Redruff Theater School and the National Youth Theater, and her first work was in 2009 in the series Spirit of Warriors. She has been nominated for many artistic awards.
  • Tom Belfry: In the role of Ward, an American actor, born July 28, 1982, he graduated from Rutgers University from the Department of Arts in 2004, after which he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

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